BRITE-CONSTELLATION is devoted to high-precision optical photometric monitoring of bright stars, distributed all over the Milky Way, in red and/or blue passbands. Photometry from space avoids the turbulent and absorbing terrestrial atmosphere and allows for very long and continuous observing runs with high time resolution and thus provides the data necessary for understanding various processes inside stars (e.g. asteroseismology) and in their immediate envi- ronment. While the first astronomical observations from space focused on the spectral regions not accessible from ground it soon became obvious around 1970 that avoiding the turbulent terrestrial atmosphere improved significantly the accuracy of photometry and satellites explicitly dedicated to high-quality photometry were launched. A perfect example is BRITE-CONSTELLATION, which is the result of a very successful cooperation of Austria, Canada and Poland. Research highlights for targets distributed nearly over the entire HRD are presented, but focus primarily on massive and hot stars.


Here is a link to download the review paper.