Ground-based facilities that already contributed with ground-based observations

BRITE-Constellation targets have been included in several observing programmes at different telescopes since January 2013.

The location of all contributing observatories around the world can be seen on the map below.

Ground based observatories

The table below gives and overview of the observatories and instruments involved in complementary support observations for BRITE-Constellation in alphabetical order.

If you are interested to use one of the facilities, please contact the corresponding responsibles directly.

Arizona, US PST2 0.7m robotic telescope fiber-fed echelle spectrograph Monika Fagas
Wojtek Dimitrow
Krzysztof Kaminski
Borowiec Astrogeodynamical Observatory, Poznan, Poland PST1 0.5m Newtonian telescope fiber-fed echelle spectrograph Monika Fagas
Wojtek Dimitrow
Krzysztof Kaminski
CASLEO Observatory, Argentina 60cm telescope classification spectroscopy Olga Pintado
Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory (CTIO), Chile 1.5m telescope CHIRON high resolution spectrograph David James
La Palma, Spain Mercator 1.2m telescope HERMES echelle spectrograph Konstanze Zwintz
La Silla Observatory, Chile 3.6m telescope HarpsPol spectropolarimeter Coralie Neiner
Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii CFHT 3.6m telescope ESPaDOnS spectropolarimeter Gregg Wade
Mc Donald Observatory, Texas, US 2.1m telescope Sandiford echelle spectrograph Gerald Handler
Moletai Observatory, Lithuania 1.65m telescope spectrograph with R=30000, 45000 and 60000, wavelength range 400-880nm; photometry Erika Pakstiene
Mont Megantic, Quebec Province, Canada 1.6m R-C telescope Boller & Chivens long-slit spectrograph Anthony Moffat
Robert Lamontagne
Ondrejov, Czech Republic Perek 2m telescope Coude spectrograph Mary Oksala Jiri Kubat
Pic du Midi Observatory, France 2m Telescope Bernard Lyot NARVAL spectropolarimeter Coralie Neiner
Rozhen National Astronomical Observatory, Bulgaria 2m RCC telescope Coude spectrograph Ilian Iliev
Ivanka Stateva
SAAO, South Africa 1.9m telescope GIRAFFE echelle spectrograph Ernst Paunzen
SAAO, South Africa 50cm telescope Single-channel photometer (Johnson, Strömgren, ND) Gerald Handler
Andrzej Pigulski
Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI) space telescope photometric time series SMEI
Stellar Oscillations Network Group (SONG) 1m Cassegrain (robotic) telescopes high resolution spectroscopy V. Antoci
Suhora Observatory, Poland 60cm telescope CCD photometry (Johnson, ND) Grzegorz Stachowski
Waldemar Ogloza
Suhora Observatory, Poland 20cm Ritchey Chretien telescope CCD photometry (UBVRI, ND) Grzegorz Stachowski
Waldemar Ogloza
Wroclaw, Poland 60cm Cassegrain telescope UBVRI, Halpha Andrzej Pigulski